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Heating, Cooling & Plumbing Melbourne

We offer new installation, changeover, service and repairs for almost all the heating and cooling units at affordable prices.

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Airvolution Heating & Cooling

Please see our full list of services and give us a call on 0425 458 405 so we can help you!

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AIRVOLUTION Melbourne's Heating & Cooling Experts

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We Work With And Service All Heating and Cooling Equipment

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many vents can I close on my heating?

It will depend on the model and size of the heating system you have installed at your home. With the introduction of adaptive zoning, it is possible to operate heating in specific areas of your home. Please contact us for more information.

Can I close any vents on my evaporative cooler?

No – Evaporative cooling systems need to operate with all vents open. Closing vents can be detrimental to its operation and cause humidity within the home. This can lead to ruined furniture and floors that become slippery and dangerous.

Can I get add-on cooling for my existing gas ducted heating system?

Only when your existing heating system has been designed to do so. This is critical as these systems will not cool properly and be expensive to run otherwise. Larger and higher insulated ducting is required when add-on cooling is attached to a gas ducted heating system.

Is ceiling heating effective?

Yes! Ceiling heating systems are a growing requirement in residential homes across Australia. Australian Climate Systems can design the system to blow the air down to floor level and install the return air at low level.

Can my evaporative cooler and gas ducted heating system operate through the same ducts?

No – Unfortunately, evaporative cooling needs a much greater volume of air. The ducting for evaporative cooling is much larger than that of gas ducted heating.

Can I install and service my heating or cooling system myself?

No – not unless you are a licensed plumber, electrician or both depending on what system you have. Licensed tradespeople will ensure you keep all manufacturer warranties by supplying you with a compliance certificate after the installation.

Can I get a remote controller for my system?

Yes – Australian Climate Systems can supply you with a heater or cooler that can be operated via a remote. Please talk to our consultant at the time of the quote as it is dependent on what type of system you install.

How long does the installation process take?

One day – Most installations are completed within a day. Australian Climate Systems will inform you of the time frame when we are scheduling your job for installation.

Do I need to open doors and windows when operating my evaporative cooler?

Yes! Doors or windows must be open as evaporative cooling systems operate via airflow. This is a critical part of operating your evaporative cooler.

How much water does an evaporative cooler use?

This will depend on the humidity level on the day of operation. Higher humidity will have a direct impact on the evaporation rate of water over the pads. The size of the cooler and the speed of the fan will also change your consumption. Evaporative cooling is the cheapest and healthiest form of cooling for your home.

Does an evaporative cooler work on humid days?

Melbourne normally has the ideal weather conditions to operate evaporative cooling, however, the dryer the day the better the system will work.

Can I get a cooling only split system?

Yes – However, quite often there is only a marginal cost difference to install a reverse cycle (heating and cooling) system.

What does split system mean?

Split system does not mean heating and cooling. It relates to the air conditioning unit being split into two parts (indoor head and outdoor compressor).

What brand is best?

Daikin has a great reputation in the market as a quality product. Australian Climate Systems are dealers for Daikin, Panasonic and ActronAir. We believe every house and room is different and will recommend the best unit for your home.


Reset when the unit is not working – Press FN then 1 to get an error code. Press FN then 1 then 4 to reset the controller

BRIVIS NETWORKER CONTROLLER – Hard reset when black lines or boxes appear at top of the screen

You will need to remove the controller from the wall. Please see the video below.

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